Tampa, Miami, Florida Bodyguard, Executive and Personal Protection Services

Shark Investigations is a full-service Bodyguard and executive protective agency providing VIP, corporate, individual, celebrity and dignitary protection to clients throughout the Tampa , Clearwater and Miami area of Florida and beyond. Our license to provide Bodyguard and Executive Protection Services is recognized by the following states as well *

  • California
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Tennessee*
  • Virginia

* Note:

Tennessee limits the amount of time an out-of-state investigator/bodyguard may spend conducting work to NO MORE THAN 15 DAYS per case.

Some states do not require any licensing for Executive Protection. Some states do not recognize any out of state licenses.  Our services are only available in your state when applicable laws permit. Services may not be available in above mentioned states depending on various state laws. Please call for details.

Recently founded, our company is far from new.  Created by merging two of Florida’s most successful and longstanding bodyguard services businesses together, we can now proudly say we are one of the largest and most experienced bodyguard service businesses in the entire southeastern United States.

Experience when you need it most…

Bodyguard for Hire is the leading Tampa Bodyguard service. Bodyguard and protection services are provided by former Florida law enforcement and security officers, former military members and bodybuilders with extensive experience.  We can assure you that your safety is in the most capable hands at all times. When your security or that of your family, employees or business is at risk, our team of experts can quickly assess your unique situation and advise on measures and procedures you can take and implement to help ensure safety for all concerned.

Our concern in safeguarding our customer’s well being, their property, assets, family members and friends.  Our experience, along with strict confidentiality and training standards ensure that the trust we earn is unparalleled. We not only take pride in our company, but our personal reputations as well. You’ll find we have the ability to respond to your security or protection needs, and resolve any problem quickly and efficiently.

We are headquartered in the Tampa/Clearwater and Pinellas/Hillsborough county area of Florida but we do consider out of state arrangements.  

  • We do not provide uniformed security guards. We are a Bodyguard and Executive Protection Company.  Services provided by Shark Investigations.

Florida:  A1400281